Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Blessing for The Pilgrimage of Your Day

I never know where my morning writing will take me. This morning while writing about hospices as places of hospitality I decided I needed to know a bit more about how ancient monasteries offered respite and care to pilgrimages. I started by looking at a book about a modern day pilgrimage, Joyce Rupp's Walk in a Relaxed Manner, Life Lessons from the Camino. She starts the book with a wonderful blessing for the journey by Macrina Wiederkehr. We are each on a journey every day of our lives, and some days have the feeling of pilgrimage. May this blessing be of service to you wherever your path takes you today.

May flowers spring up where your feet touch the earth.
May the feet that walked before you bless your every step.
May the weather that's important be the weather of your heart.
May all your intentions find their way into the heart of God.
May your prayers be like flowers strewn from other pilgrims.
May your heart find meaning in unexpected events.
May friends who are praying for you carry you along the way.
May friends who are praying for you be carried in your heart.
May the circle of life encircle you along the way.
May the broken world ride on your shoulders.
May you carry your joy and your grief in the backpack of your soul.
May you remember all the circles of prayer throughout the world.

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  1. A few more years and I will get there. Looking good.